aluminum screw caps with plastic te band


See the complete production line in action, find out what are the manufacturing steps, how they works and what are the main features.


Aluminum screw caps are used to close glass bottles containing mineral and natural waters, non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages, pharmaceutical and technical contents or juices. They maximize protection for both the product and the consumer. A plastic tamper evidence band ensures "original product" security and allows trouble-free opening and reclosing; this special-format cap also ensures easier, safer handling. From a manufacturing view, production processes are smooth and efficient.

Tamper Evidence Security

  • Plastic tamper evidence band separates into 3 segments on opening
  • Tamper evidence band remains with the closure after opening

Perfect Sealing Performance

  • PVC-free liner provides optimum sealing performance
  • Smooth aluminum closure edge for easy and safe opening and resealing

Product Specifications

  • 28 mm aluminum roll-on closure, with plastic tamper evidence band
  • Fits glass neck finishes / PET necks
  • For returnable and non-returnable bottles
  • For cold and hot-fill, pasteurized and carbonated beverages
  • Can be applied using standard roll-on application machinery

Engineered for Quality

Making bottles quick, easy and convenient to carry, open and reseal, these caps ensure consistent removal torques while allowing for multicolor printing. The resulting high-quality appearance enhances both brand image and turnover, with in-the-cap printing making the aluminum closure ideal for promotional campaigns.

Sacmi ALUMINUM SCREW CAPS WITH PLASTIC TE BAND Production line: Up to 1,300 pcs/min

With over forty years' experience in designing and building machines for closures, Sacmi is the industry leader and the perfect partner for the provision of complete aluminum cap manufacturing solutions, tailor-made to suit specific market requirements.

Being able to count on a sole provider for the entire production line is a key competitive advantage. With Sacmi, that advantage is amplified by the fact that our skills extend well beyond the machines and processes.

Sacmi's closures and containers research facility has developed over decades of doing business and is now equipped with cutting-edge material testing, calculation and manufacturing simulation tools/equipment: today, it can develop personalized solutions in close collaboration with customers.

Key features of Sacmi production lines:

  • full plant automation
  • liners made directly inside the aluminum cap shell
  • minimization of production costs