aluminum tall caps

Aluminum tall caps

High performance and PVC-free, a sound alternative to traditional closures for the wine&spirits sector

Specially designed for wine&spirits, long caps are characterized by a series of advantages that - in many cases and with many types of wine, liquor and distillate - make them preferable to traditional closures such as natural or synthetic corks on account of their strength and sealing performance.

The possibility of making totally PVC-free liners directly inside the cap ensures these aluminum closures offer a solution that is safe, environmentally-friendly, high-performance and extremely flexible.

More specifically, in addition to the wide variety of diameters and sizes (manufactured according to the type of product to be bottled and the customer's specific needs), long-caps also provide plenty of scope for decoration of both head and side, allowing manufacturers to bring out the very best in both product and brand.

The neutral material they're made of (aluminum) and the application of latest-generation liners that reduce the passage of oxygen and other potential oxidants to a few parts per million ensures the product has perfect organoleptic qualities and eliminates the risk of contamination by the material which makes up the cap itself. Characteristics that form the basis of the growing success of such closures, not just on central and north European, American and Asian markets but also in countries with a long wine-making tradition, such as Italy, France and Spain.

30x60 mm

28x44 mm

Sacmi tall Caps Production line: Up to 800 pcs/min

With over forty years' experience in designing and building machines for closures, SACMI is the industry leader and the perfect partner for the provision of complete aluminum cap manufacturing solutions, tailor-made to suit specific market requirements.

Having a sole provider for the entire production line is a key competitive advantage, and with Sacmi this plus is amplified by the fact that our skills extend well beyond the machines and processes.

Sacmi's closures and containers research facility has been developed over decades of doing business and is now equipped with cutting-edge material testing, calculation and manufacturing simulation tools/equipment: this means it can, today, develop personalized solutions in close collaboration with customers.

Key features of Sacmi production lines:

  • full plant automation
  • liners made directly inside the aluminum cap shell
  • minimization of production costs