cap embossing
CCD300 crown cap embossing machine

crown caps become 3D

Productivity up to 2,500 PCS/MIN

The latest revolutionary Sacmi product for the crown cap field is called the CCD 300 and has been designed and engineered specifically for cap embossing (of the central panel).

This feature allows the item to be “embellished” with the trademark, thus minimising risk of falsification. The CCD 300 provides outstanding performance, can handle up to 2500 pieces per minute and synchronises embossing deformation with the decoration already on the outside of the cap. CCD 300 can handle up to 3000 pieces per minute without synchronization.

CCD 300 in action

Rotary machine that carries out plastic deformation or embossing on the moulded crown cap shell bottom. The main goal is to process shells that have already been externally lithographed and apply embossing so it is aligned with the lithographic drawing.


crown cap

CCD features

The machine is equipped with:

  • Hopper with rotating cap feeder and relative orientation system
  • Mechanical moulding drums capable of rotating autonomously by means of motors controlled by single activations.
  • Exit channel
  • PC operator interface

Sacmi inspection system

The CCD 300 is equipped with the CVS3000 inspection system. Via an extremely user-friendly interface, the CVS3000 calculates decoration orientation, allowing the CCD 300 to emboss the cap perfectly.

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CCD tech specs

  • Equipment capable of implementing plastic deformation on the central body of already-formed crown shells.
  • Type of shell: standard, short, intermediate
  • 20 forming tools
  • Fully equipped machine (embossing timed with lithography): 2500 pcs/min
  • Standard machine (embossing without timing): 3000 pcs/min
The latest revolutionary Sacmi product for the crown cap field

Metal crown embossing

Sacmi's innovative CCD 300 cap embossing solution can handle both undecorated and decorated caps, ensuring, in any case, perfect synchronism between embossing and decoration.

The CCD300 is available in two versions:

  1. Without embossing timing with respect to the corresponding lithographic print
  2. With a timing system, enabling embossing phase adjustment with respect to its corresponding lithographic print.
1. Embossed crown without timing system
2. Embossed crown with timing system

CCD 300 in the Crown caps production line