Sorting machine for tall aluminum cap

inspection and sorting machine for tall aluminium caps.

It can be easily integrated after a lining machine or assembly machine as well as off-line to reprocess HFI batches.

CHS360 can install up to 6 cameras to control both functional and public decorated side (bottom and sidewall) at a speed up to 1,000 caps/min.

Sorting machine for tall aluminum cap

CHS360 in action

Thanks to the innovative CVS360-3D module, the CHS360 can precisely reconstruct 3D objects as 2D images, eliminating any distortion stem from perspective, lens, shape of the cap or the reflectiveness ot its surface.


Technical features

  • Lighting equipment: white light, LED
  • Cameras: Colour camera for the inspection of public decorated side, 4 colour cameras for the inspection of the decorated sidewall, monochrome camera and special pinhole lens for the inspection of the functional side
  • CPU: Intel i7
  • Operating System: Windows 7 Embedded 64 bit edition
  • Inspection software: CVS3000 2.0 64 bit or higher, CVS360-3D
  • Maximum speed: up to 1,000 pcs/min.
  • FRS - Failsafe rejection system
  • Ready for Industry 4.0
CHS360 reconstructs 3D objects as 2D images

Detectable defects

Functional side

  • presence of gasket, pourer or other components
  • defects in the gasket (black specs, contaminations, voids, misplaced)
  • defects in the sidewall (wrinkles, holes, contaminations, scratches)
  • ovalized caps
  • diameter measurement

Decorated public side

  • Mixed decorations
  • Colour variations
  • Wrong colours
  • Missed colour planes
  • Registration errors
  • Stains and contaminations
  • Scratches
  • Hickeys
  • Colour smears
  • Tamper evident band (cut, bridges)
  • Dents
  • Out of centre