crown caps

crown caps
crown caps
crown caps
crown caps

95% of all the crown caps in the world are produced with Sacmi Machines

Skills you can count on

Simplicity, practicality, low cost: three key advantages offered by crown caps, a vital beverage industry accessory since 1891 and, in many ways, a solution that remains inimitable.

A field in which Sacmi has worked untiringly since 1950, designing and building machines for the manufacture and application of crown caps with everfaster, better performance.

26 mm caps

  • Bottle neck diameter: 26 mm
  • Soft drinks and beer industries

26 mm steel caps for plastic (PET), aluminum and glass bottles, ensuring maximum sealing pressure and the best possible seal for a vast range of drinks, carbonated or natural.

crown caps 26mm


crown caps 26mm


crown caps 26mm


29 mm caps

  • Bottle neck diameter: 29 mm
  • Wine and beer industries

29 mm steel and aluminum crown caps ensure maximum sealing pressure and the best hermetic seal for a vast range of drinks, both sparkling and natural, such as water, beer, energy drinks and, above all, wine and Champagne.


crown caps 29mm


0.18 mm thickness:

crown caps

This modern cap concept can easily replace standard-thickness caps (0.24 millimetre thick) thanks to its complete compatibility and interchangeability.

The advantage lies in the fact that this cap uses thinner metal, less raw material, less packaging and optimised logistics. Proven benefits include CO2 reductions of 15% or more without lowering the performance provided by standard-thickness caps.

This new closure makes it possible to reduce environmental impact significantly, not just because less raw material is used but also because there is less waste and fewer emissions per product. Such benefits are additional to those obtained on the manufacturing and logistics fronts (less energy consumption and a higher number of pieces per unit of weight).

  • Designed to replace standard crown caps with a lighter, more economic version.
  • Same performance, same scope for decoration with offset printing.
  • Thinner metal.
  • Lower environmental impact (lower raw material consumption and CO2 emissions).

Add value with embossing

The embossed crown cap is a useful, effective solution for companies that make innovation and originality their hallmarks.

Starting with a 26 millimetre crown cap, the surface can be personalised in offset mode with a logo or text, the relief print being synchronised with the decoration: the obtained surface offers a new tactile sensation, maintaining the same performance and visual characteristics as the standard caps.

  • Embossing protects product originality, reducing the chances of counterfeiting
  • It's also possible to customise the cap without lithography, with a considerable reduction in costs.
crown caps embossing
crown caps embossing

Sacmi crown caps production line: Up to 6,000 pcs/min

Designed to allow high output rates (up to 6,000 pcs/min) as well as simultaneous crown cap production, storage and quality control by applying IN-SHELL (PVC and PVC-free) technology.