inspection software

CVS 3000 Inspection software

CVS 3000:
easy, intuitive, reliable, NET WORKABLE

An intuitive, immediate interface that simultaneously provides comprehensive information on the quality of the object and on any defects, all on a single screen.

Designed to be used also by unskilled workers, CVS3000 v. 2.0 has several new, outstanding key features.

It lets users generate a history of the production process, establishing a correlation between defect detection and defect location; the resulting report can be called up and viewed at any time, even after a considerable time, in order to ensure a fine-tuned, optimised production strategy.

A shared platform for all Sacmi Inspection Systems

The CVS 3000 allows all users to work the same way, always. This reduces the required learning time and helps define a shared approach to work.

CVS 300 platform for all Sacmi Inspection Systems

CVS 3000 in action

The system traces both the presence of the defect and its location, with the history establishing when it occurred. This helps users decide on the tasks that need to be carried out by providing real-time identification of critical points in the process; thanks to the completeness of the provided info, the user can act on the line to prevent production of faulty or noncompliant pieces.

CVS 3000 features

The system lets users manage alarms while the remote control unit provides easy, intuitive control of numerous functions such as:

  • Defect magnification
  • Overview
  • Previews
  • Sorting of detected defects and statistical reports.

The distinctive feature of the CVS3000 remains its self-learning capability: acquisition of top quality samples lets the system automatically calculate the inspection parameters.

Data management and process overview

Thanks to a complete set of statistical data, the CVS 3000 is a reliable Quality Control and Maintenance tool.

Tables indicating defects by cavity number, line efficiency (trough OEE index), defect classification by type, statistical data by line or by product are just some of the features available on the CVS 3000.

Connected to the firm's LAN, data can easily be accessed and shared, downloaded in Excel format or sent to an ERP system, or printed to assess quality.

Panorama supervisor

Thanks to Panorama Supervisor, all the inspection systems installed in a prodution plant become visible at a glance. Panorama allows the operator to see the main statistical data (counters, alarms, OEE), or to enter any specific unit to see further detail or even modify inspection parameters.