PMA 24L twist-off PVC-free caps

PMA 24L:
twist-off PVC-free CAPS

Productivity up to 1,000 PCS/MIN

The use of PVC-free materials to make twist-off cap liners is becoming more and more popular with producers, especially in the baby food sector.

That's why the Sacmi Group has designed and developed the PMA 24L, the twistoff cap management solution that allows users to make annular-profile liners inside the cap starting with insertion of an annular dose of molten PVC-FREE plastic.

SACMI twistoff cap management solution


Designed and launched back in 2010, the PMA 24L (which stands for Plasmatic, Metal, Annular liners, with 24 molds, for Large caps) has quickly won over key food packaging players.



  • Large twist-off caps with a fully PVC-free liner can be produced
  • Excellent strength during hot filling, pasteurization and sterilization at temperatures above 100 °C


  • Productivity: the machine is available in 2 configurations, one with a maximum output rate of 1000 cpm and the other with a maximum output of 500 cpm. A special kit lets manufacturers upgrade from 500 cpm to 1000 cpm
  • Sizes: the new Sacmi ring lining machine can handle caps from 38 to 82 mm (nominal diameter), with application of a PVC-free liner
  • Results: outstanding flexibility allows use of materials other than PVC to make the liner; fully guaranteed sealing performance and protection of the product's organoleptic qualities.

Sacmi inspection system

The PMA24L is equipped with the CVS3000 Inspection System to reliably detect any possible defects that might appear on a lugged cap.

A first optional image acquisition unit with color camera is installed in the transfer star wheel, allowing detection of defects on the decorated outer side (color adjustment, smears, wrong colors, off-center decorations, mixed decorations, stains, scratches, etc.).

A second image acquisition unit with b/w camera is installed in the exit conveyor, allowing detection of defects in the molten gasket; the CVS3000 also provides defect statistics by tool number for fast, efficient feedback to ensure easy machine maintenance.

A third image acquisition unit, equipped with the SACMI patented CHROMETRIQ illuminator, allows defect detection on the functional, inner side of closures, such as contamination, scratches, malformed or non-formed lugs, defects in the curl, cap diameter measurement, lug size (width and height) and distance between the cap center and each lug.

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PMA 24L in the Lugged Caps Production line