PMC 600 crown cap lining machine

PMC 600:
in-shell lining machine for Crown Caps

Productivity up to 6,000 PCS/MIN

The new Sacmi PMC600 is an automatic crown cap lining machine that is highly suited to the new market trend of downgauging crown caps, thus guaranteeing high productivity and efficiency.

The machine operates in line with the new Sacmi PTC 600 and has specifically been designed to sustain increased productivity.

Compared to previous versions, this solution is characterised by higher productivity and better, more linear cap handling, with positive effects on process efficiency.

in-shelllining machine for crown cap


ACTION Automatic machine suitable for extruding granulated material (i.e. PVC, PE, EVA), slitting the material into single pellets, inserting the pellet in the crown cap and moulding the liner according to a well-defined profile.



The machine is equipped with:

  • Cap feeding hopper with sorting device
  • Extruder with 60 mm diameter screw, equipped with AC motor and controlled by inverter, to feed the compound. Temperature and screw rpm managed by the control system
  • Molten compound by-pass valve to clean the extruder, for machine start-ups and stops
  • Low-frequency magnetic induction cap heating unit equipped with cooling system
  • Independent temperature control systems for moulding punches and accessories
  • Lower spindle motion by desmodromic cam
  • Liner weight reduction system - video inspection system with single colour camera
  • Profibus automation and control system
  • PC operator interface
  • Electrical cabin and single user interface display for machine and CVS - pneumatic-drive waste rejection device for faulty caps
  • Cap counter at exit


The machine is equipped with:

  • Newly designed crown feeder, made of two rotary disks and two feeding channels.
  • New infeed star wheels in order to merge the crows flow from two feeding channels, toward a single star wheel.
  • New feeding channels designed to provide high speed feeding to both inlet star wheels.
  • Newly designed air blowers along the whole crown feeding system.
  • The air blowers can be automatically adjusted through HMI, since specific feeding recipes (according to closure, coating, output rate, blowing) can be saved on the machine PC.


  • Inkjet printing on the crown shell, before lining.

Sacmi Inspection system

The PMC 600 is equipped with a CVS3000 inspection system, a user-friendly interface that simultaneously provides comprehensive information on the quality of the object and on any defects, all on a single screen.

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PMC600 in the Crown caps production line