PMH 120 long cap manufacturing machine

PMH 120:
Long caps, high performance, PVC-free

Productivity up to 800 PCS/MIN

This innovative Sacmi system forms the liner directly inside the cap.

Filling and closures professionals, especially those in the wine sector, are always on the lookout for alternatives that increase aluminum closure performance, the aim being to overcome the limits posed by traditional liner application systems and boost cap sealing performance (crucial for certain product types such as sparkling wines). Those aims can be achieved by using materials other than the polyvinyl chloride (PVDC) of which traditional liners are made.

These considerations have led to the development of the PMH 120, the Sacmi machine specifically designed to manage “long aluminum caps” that features an automated system for the application of a totally PVC-free liner using compression technology.

The Sacmi machine specifically designed to manage “long aluminum caps”

PMH 120 in action

The PMH 120 stands out on account of its extreme production flexibility. It allows several different profiles to be made, ensuring definition of the most suitable solution in close collaboration with the customer, who can also count on further advanced testing at the Group's R&D facility.


PMH 120 features

  • Totally PVC-free materials can be used
  • Automated liner application system, allowing high productivity
  • Guaranteed 100% quality thanks to incorporation of an inspection system on the line.
  • The machine provides all the intrinsic advantages of compression technology, in which Sacmi is the world leader
  • Highly innovative process based on continuous extrusion of the plastic, which is then cut into batches of pre-determined size according to the liner profile
  • Perfect alignment during insertion, ensuring firm adhesion and therefore maximum cap-bottle system sealing performance

PMH 120 Tech Specs

  • Productivity as high as 800 caps per minute
  • Sizes: aluminum caps up to 60 mm high.
  • Results: tests conducted at prestigious testing facilities used by major customers (i.e. Geisenheim Institute, Germany) have demonstrated the outstanding sealing performance of caps made with this technology instead of with traditional solutions, even under the most extreme warehouse temperature/storage conditions. Moreover, configurations can be personalized according to the product type to be bottled (e.g. still wines, sparkling wines etc.).

Sacmi inspection system

The PMH 120 is equipped with the CVS 3000 inspection system. Featuring 6 cameras and the innovative CVS360-3D inspection module, the vision system can reliably carry out full 360° inspection of the cap, both inside and out, at full line speed. More specifically, the CVS360-3D module precisely reconstructs 3D objects as 2D images, allowing for accurate inspection of sidewall decoration.

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PMH 120 in the Aluminum tall caps production line