PMV 136 in-shell lining machine

PMV 136:
In-shell lining machines for aluminum caps

Productivity up to 1,600 PCS/MIN

Automatic lining machines designed to extrude pellet-form material (e.g. PVCfree, PE, EVA), cut it into single doses, insert them into aluminum screw caps and mould the liner according to a clearly defined profile. Machine productivity is strongly influenced by the material type and the weight and profile of the liner.

in-shell linning machine for aluminum caps

PMV 136 in action

By using non-PVC raw materials the lining machine is able to form the liners directly inside the cap shell.

Resins allow manufacturers to overcome the limits posed by PVC-based compounds (e.g. toxicity, odour emissions), thus providing a new solution for the PET and GLASS bottle closure sector. In-shell casting technology allows liners to be shaped to maximise closure performance and minimise the weight of the used compound.


PMV 136 in the aluminum screw caps with plastic te band production line

PMV 136 in the aluminum tall caps production line

PMV 136 in the pull ring caps production line