PTC600 Crown cap presses

crown cap presses

Productivity up to 6,000 PCS/MIN

PTC series SACMI presses - highly suitable for crown cap manufacturing - are the outcome of SACMI's long-standing experience in this industry.

The maximum sheet size able to be processed with PTC series presses allows dramatically lower costs and, consequently, a major reduction in the end cost of the product and extremely short ROI times. The outstanding productivity and number of die punches (arranged on 2 rows) puts PTC presses at the top of the equipment range when it comes to output rates.

Watch the PTC 600 in action

The PTC 600 enhances the basic characteristics that made the early PTC027 press models the top-of-the range crown cap manufacturing equipment.

The Sacmi PTC 600 Sacmi stands out on account of:

  • over 30% higher productivity (6,000 caps/min compared to the 4,500 on the previous PTC 027 version).
  • solutions that improve product quality and workplace health (thanks to a sheet metal feed system that is independent from the press, noise and vibration on the PTC 600 have been cut to below 3.5 dB)
  • guaranteed decoration alignment thanks to integration with the CVS 3000 inspection system


PTC 600 features

  • The press and sheet loading system are completely separated, preventing transfer of residual vibration from the press to the load system
  • Flywheel contained inside the main machine structure, guaranteeing reduced overall dimensions;
  • Low positioning of main shaft to ensure a centre of gravity as close as possible to the ground
  • High-rigidity structure designed to reduce vibration
  • Easy access to the upper and inner area for easier maintenance
  • The press is equipped with the latest-generation STT 027 B mould – a new system that further reduces typical defects
crown caps production line

PTC 600 tech specs

  • Max rotation speed: 230 rpm
  • Max. blanking diameter: 38 mm
  • Max. shell height: 6.63 mm
  • Max. Sheet width: 909 mm
  • Max. sheet length: 1040 mm
  • Max number of tools: 27
  • Max. height of sheet pallet: 550 mm

Strokes per sheet:

  • SHORT and INTERMEDIATE crown: min. 25 max. 27 (upon request: 29 strokes/sheet)
  • STANDARD crown: min. 24 max. 26

Pneumatic system:

  • Peak consumption (at 0.5 Mpa): 1600 Nl/min
  • Average consumption (at 0.5 MPa): 800 Nl/min
  • Average absorbed power: 12.5 KW at 50 Hz

Sacmi Inspection system

The PTC 600 is equipped with a CVS 3000 inspection system. Via a fast, user-friendly interface, the CVS 3000 calculates the displacement of the decoration, allowing the press to correct the sheet position to cut the cap with the decoration perfectly centred. This feature also ensures optimal embossing results.

Find out more about the CVS 3000

crown caps production line

PTC600 in the crown caps production line

crown caps production line