PTV 019 press for aluminum caps

PTV 019:
Press for aluminum caps

Productivity up to 2,500 PCS/MIN

Double-action mechanical sheet press for the production of alu-caps, suitable for operation with multi-punch dies and aluminum sheets.

Double-action mechanical sheet press for the production of alu-caps

ptv 019 in action

The machine features special electronics that allow it to dialogue with a line supervisor, thus allowing full line automation. The special dual-action cap forming system reduces mould tool wear enormously, making maintenance intervals extremely long.


PTV 019 features

Features allowing minimisation of production costs:

  • Moulds that allow use of large sheets with dimensions comparable to those of commercially available aluminum coils. This eliminates the need to sub-divide sheets into strips, provides manufacturers with a number of caps per sheet that would be unattainable on any other machine, thus giving gains during coating and printing
  • Precise, reliable sheet feed system that reduces scrap, easily making unit consumption of aluminum the lowest compared to other systems.
  • Automatic sheet feeder able to pick from different pallets, thus eliminating pallet changeover downtimes.
  • Automation and control systems that make the machine perfectly safe and independent: no operator assistance required.
Double-action mechanical sheet press for the production of alu-caps

PTV 019 Tech Specs

A modern machine made reliable by key features such as:

  • Pneumatically controlled brake unit.
  • Automatic lubrication.
  • Electronic systems to control sheet movement and correct sheet positioning.

PTV 019 in the aluminum Ropp Caps production line

PTV 019 in the aluminum screw caps with plastic te band production line