ring pull caps

pull ring caps
Pull ring caps
Pull ring caps


A solution that combines practicality with style, ideal for beer, soft and energy drinks

Practical and stylish, 26 mm pull-ring aluminum caps offer outstanding user-friendliness: to open the bottle just tug the ergonomically shaped ring. Designed for traditional glass (and PET or aluminum) bottles, both cap and liner are made of organoleptically neutral materials that are highly suitable for beer, soft and energy drinks. Maximum sealing performance and airtightness prevent contact with potential oxidants, thus ensuring product quality. There is also plenty of scope for color/decoration customization of both tab and cap.

Ultra-modern one-step closure manufacturing technology - from cap to liner and application of the practical ergonomic-grip tab - has made this solution highly appealing to producers: a solution that is becoming ever-more popular on account of widely acknowledged practicality for end users and multiple, all-new coloring/decoration opportunities, far greater than those available with traditional closures.

Again, this cap type - highly suitable for marketing actions such as promotions, competitions etc. - can be made with fully PVC-free liners and different oxygen barrier ratings according to the specific product to be bottled. Maximum pressure seal performance and airtightness make it an excellent solution for beer, CSDs and still drinks.

26 mm

Pull ring caps  26mm

Sacmi ring pull caps production line: up to 1,300 pcs/min


RCM machine is equipped with CVS 3000 Inspection System. Featuring 3 cameras, the vision system precisely inspects decoration side, functional side (liner and shell) and the ring pull tab, rejecting all the defects.