RCM pull ring caps machine

the machine for molding and applying the plastic ring with tab.

Productivity up to 1,300 PCS/MIN

Sacmi designs and supplies complete lines for the manufacture of modern Pull Ring caps (with the practical bottle-opening tab), a standard that is becoming evermore popular and appreciated on the market.

More specifically, in this configuration the PMV lining machine is integrated with the RCM machine that molds and applies the plastic ring with the tab directly on the shell: a solution that combines practicality with style.

machine for molding and applying the plastic ring with tab

PMV + RCM in action

From cap to liner, all the way to application of the practical ergonomic-grip ring, this solution fully integrates production process and cap machining.


RCM in action

PMV + RCM features

Upstream, the line consists of a vertical press where the metal sheets are made into caps.

Downstream from the press lies the PMV which applies the liner.

Afterwards, the product is pressed by the RCM, the plastic ring molding and application machine.

The line features pneumatic conveying systems and buffers for optimal product management. At the RCM outlet a cooled conveyor allows the caps to be boxed without being deformed. Both the PMV and the RCM are equipped with an inspection system to ensure product quality.

machine for molding and applying the plastic ring with tab

RCM tech specs

  • Productivity: 1,200 modern 26 mm RING PULL CAPS per hour
  • Results: a complete line for the manufacture of modern ergonomic-grip disposable aluminum caps, designed to maximize sealing performance and, at the same time, provide the best possible ergonomics and practicality.
machine for molding and applying the plastic ring with tab

Sacmi Inspection system

The RCM is equipped with the CVS3000 inspection system, an intuitive, immediate interface that simultaneously provides comprehensive information on both the quality of the object and any defect, all on the screen.

Equipped with three image acquisition groups, CVS3000 inspects decoration, liner and pull tab for any production defect.

Moreover, it can make a correlation between a faulty tab and the tool that produced it, thus allowing a fast efficient feedback to the RCM.

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sacmi inspection system

RCM in the ring pull caps production line

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